The AV Awards are open to all organisations working in the international AV industry.


The entry information that you submit will be the only information to accompany your submission throughout the judging process. This includes the supplementary information that you can provide in addition to your written entry. Requests to add further information or submit new information after the entry deadline will not be granted.

All entries should follow the requested format as detailed on the online submission form, and the information detailed in the criteria should be completed to the best of your ability. It is important that you pay attention to the criteria and meet them as completely as possible; this ensures that all entries that are seen by the judges are of a similar standard, and judging can be done based on an even playing field.

All entries must be submitted via the online entry form.

Entries submitted via any other means or format will not be recognised and be disqualified; including email, post and in person delivery.

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