Firmly established as the unrivalled badge of excellence for the AV industry - the AV Awards is the benchmark for the highest possible professional standards and best practice, recognising the outstanding achievements of individuals, companies, projects and technology across the AV, events and production sectors.

Since our launch in 1999, the AV Awards have been renowned worldwide for promoting best practice, raising standards and rewarding excellence and innovation across our incredible industry. For that reason, we audit our judging process and categories every year using a carefully curated steering committee to ensure your entries are being properly and fairly evaluated. This way, we ensure our Awards are independent robust and transparent.

For over 20 years, the AV Awards has grown in status and size, attracting almost 1,400 industry professionals from all over the world. It is the biggest and most prestigious night in the AV calendar, where every part of the AV world joins together to network, share successes and, of course, to party.

The 2020 AV Awards will take place virtually on 20 November.

Entries for the 2020 AV Awards have now closed, and the shortlist of finalists has been announced. The remaining key dates are as follows:

20 November 2020 - AV Awards

Increased brand visibility

By winning an AV Award (or even just by being shortlisted) your business will be exposed to many marketing and PR opportunities. Your business will be seen as setting the industry standard for a particular category which may, in turn, lead to breaking into new (possibly previously unattainable) markets, acquiring new clients as well as earning greater respect and credibility amongst your existing customer base.

Your business also will be exposed to increased publicity (including enhanced brand recall and increased traffic to the website and social media pages), especially winning an award from and being associated with a highly respected and well established awards scheme such as the AV Awards.

To read more about the AV Awards and our history, click here.

Opportunity to assess your current business model and processes

By entering the AV Awards, you have the opportunity to assess your business from a different perspective. You will be able to evaluate whether your technology, company performance and current business practices and processes give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

It allows you to benchmark your company against others within the industry and helps you to identify where you may need to improve and how you can go about doing so.

Increased employee motivation and morale

Entering the AV Awards, and eventually winning, allows the business to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that is exhibited by their employees to make the business triumphant. Employees will be motivated to keep working hard and contributing to the business’s success if they know that you truly value them and are rewarded for their efforts.

Why not book tickets to the AV Awards for your incredible employees as a way of celebrating and thanking them for the great work they have done? Winning the award also aids businesses in attracting and retaining top-class talent. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that is seen as the best of the best in the industry?

Increased credibility

Winning your category at the AV Award acts as a third part endorsement for your company as it increases your credibility amongst industry peers and positions you an expert in your particular field.

Taking home the coveted title also clearly differentiates you from your competitors and gives you an edge when acquiring or retaining customers or suppliers.


While attending the virtual AV Awards on 20 November is a fantastic opportunity to network with your industry peers, being shortlisted gives you the chance to discuss your employees, innovations, technology, business and best practices with key industry players. This is especially beneficial if you are a start-up or small business trying to break into the AV industry.

Chance to treat your clients, partners and suppliers

Inviting your clients, partners and suppliers to the virtual AV Awards enables you to show them, first hand, the incredible work you have been undertaking. Even better, if you win an AV Award these influential individuals will be around to see you rise up amongst your competitors. We have no doubt that these key decision makers will be the first ones in line to recommend you to others, proving that that word-of-mouth and personal testimonials are the most effective form of marketing in the B2B space.

The AV Awards attracts almost 1,500 international attendees from all areas of the industry, from integrators working on a both global and local projects, through to end-users from all markets and technology consultants. The guest list also features some of the most innovative, creative and experiential agencies along with production and rental companies of the highest calibre.

The AV Awards has grown in status and size, attracting international audiences and key decision makers from a range of markets. View past AV Awards attendees here.

When the AV Awards launched in 1999, there was no other publication or industry organisation in Europe recognising the excellence and innovation of the AV, events and production industry.

Since then the AV Awards has helped define and raise industry standards and become the most talked about event in the AV calendar across the globe.

In 2019, the AV Awards celebrated its 21st anniversary. To mark this occasion, the AV Awards moved to a new venue, got a new look and staged a high-tech production to give the best experience to our industry. Innovative technologies and creations by our sponsors helped bring it to life like never before.

We also received a record-breaking number of entries and hosted the awards for the first time at Evolution London, enjoyed by almost 1,500 key industry professionals.


Each award has a specially curated judging panel, featuring a cross section of AV technology end users and industry specialists, relevant to the award category. We go to great lengths to ensure each panel has both expertise and diversity, so that every entry can be assessed accurately and from a range of viewpoints.

View our judges here.

To ensure a rigorous, fair and transparent judging process, we undergo two judging stages:

Part 1

The judges individually study all the submissions received in their allocated categories online. Each entry will be scored against the category's set criteria. From this, the highest scoring submissions will make it through to the second stage - Judging Day.

Part 2

In light of COVID-19, Judging Day will take place via video calls throughout August. The judges will separate into groups based on their specific expertise. A second round of judging will then commence where each submission is discussed in depth, and each judge independently re-scores each entry. Individual scores will then be collated and, in the presence of the independent moderators, the finalists and winners for each category will be confirmed. This information is not shared with the judges.

All the information in your entry will remain confidential. All of our judges are bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements.


The shortlist was announced during the week of 3 August 2020 via email, online and social media.

Yes. You will be notified if your entry is unsuccessful.

Yes. Please allow four weeks after the shortlist has been announced to query your unsuccessful entry.


The winners will be announced during the virtual AV Awards ceremony on 20 November 2020.

The AV Awards 2020 are a free-to-attend, virtual event.

Timings for the 2020 Awards will be announced soon.