The Judges

The judges are made up of technology end-users and key individuals from all parts of the industry. All awards will have a specially curated judging panel, usually formed by mixing peers with those elsewhere in the value chain, to make sure that the judgement is informed and considered from all relevant sides of the industry.

The Judging Process

Part 1: 

The judges are allocated specific categories determined by their expertise. Each will individually study the submissions received in their allocated categories through the AV Awards online portal. Judges will be required to score each shortlisted entry against the specific criteria for each award, which is why it is so important that each entry addresses each part of the criteria listed. From this, the highest scoring submissions will make it through to the second stage - Judging Day.

Part 2:

All judges will come together at an independent Central London location and separate into pre-determined groups. A second round of judging will commence where each submission is discussed in-depth and each judge rescores. Judging will be private to avoid lobbying or undue pressure from other judges or third parties. The scores will be collated, verified for any anomalies and then averaged out to determine the winner.


This system makes sure that each and every judge will read each and every entry, and allows the AV Awards team to identify any potential bias or inconsistencies in scores. Judges are able to recuse themselves from scoring particular entries if necessary, and the process is transparent and fair to all parties.

Judging day

The following awards will have judging days for the AV Awards 2019:
• Manufacturer of the Year
• Distributor of the Year
• International Integrator of the Year
• National Integrator of the Year
• Consultancy of the Year
If you are entering one of the above awards, please bear in mind that if shortlisted, you will be invited to attend a judging day and present your entry to our judging panel. Please note that we expect judging days to be attended by senior representative(s) involved in the entry itself.
You will be consulted regarding a suitable day, and arrangements will be confirmed with you by the AV Awards team. You will be given a 30-minute time slot, 15 minutes of which will be for you to present your entry in front of a small, expert judging panel, with 10 minutes at the end for questions.

The Scoring

The transparency and security of the judging process is hugely important to us. For that reason, every judge signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement and all judge's meetings are held in private, confidential environments. Scores from Step 1 are marked against a criterion, and are then collated and verified to avoid anomalies. These scores are then averaged to determine who should be put through to Judging Day. 

The entries on Judging Day will be determined through a ranking system. The AV Awards team and designated panel leaders supervise the judging process to identify and any risk of bias and judges are asked to recuse themselves where they have a personal or professional interest.

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